I would like to tell you how to make Music Website Building easy.

If you are a musician like I am then you probably have thought about having a website.

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Wealthy Affiliate review  A Musicians Perspective 


If you look into building websites you will find a whole lot of companies offering great deals on hosting and domains.There are literally hundreds of options for hosting and many of them offer services for musicians giving you the tools you need to build your band’s website.

There are some pros and cons to consider before you decide which way you want to go

1. Are you computer savvy?

If you are then you might consider building your own
website because there are a lot of advantages of
doing it yourself

2. Are you on a tight budget?

Then you are probably looking for the least
inexpensive way to build your site.

You have choices about this too.

You could find a place that has free hosting but you usually won’t get your own domain. most places will give you an address  like “www.theirdomain.com/your name” instead of “www.yourdomain.com”. They will offer you a domain and some of the prices are actually very reasonable. A lot of them will even set up a website for you with all the bells and whistle.

This is all great, 

but you want to make money don’t you?

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Wealthy Affiliate review  A Musicians Perspective 

Wouldn’t it be nice if your website could make money for you while you are pursuing your career with your band?

3. Do you want somebody else making money for ads on your site?

That’s what you’ll get if you let someone give you a website that is controlled by someone else.

You can also apply this to any other business or passion that you might have. If your an artist you can go this link to see more examples.


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Here’s what I can show you

You can get started without investing any money and still get two domains like i described along with the tools to build a yourself a website. You can get them here and start learning right away.

Wealthy Affiliate review  A Musicians Perspective 

Another great advantage to this music website is you have all the benefits of using WordPress. After you have learned to build your site, you can pick one of many marketing methods to get people to your pages and start making money.

Integrate all of your band sites like ReverbNation ,Youtube and all of your social networks like Facebook and Twitter

You can learn how to have to a website up and running, making money for you while promoting yourself for just a little time every day.

I can tell you I spent many years working on my craft of songwriting and It has taken me a long time to put together a band. It has taken even longer for me to figure out how the music industry works.

I’m still working on that!

The discouraging part is how much it costs to promote a band.


You need a way to offset those costs.

You also need a way to promote yourself that is always free

There are many musicians and artists that make more money from their advertisements on their Websites than they do with their art.

This is a complete system that is working for hundreds of people.

Get all the education you need to start a profitable website.

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You can get started with a large, live community that will support you with all or your issues every step of the way.

Everything is laid out for you! Go for your goal and your future success.

Now it’s up to you!

Thank you


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