You CAN get your own personal website up and running without spending a Dime!

You don’t even need to know what kind of business you want to own.

You have just found a place where you can get hosting and an education all for free.

There are many free hosting websites and most of them are the same.

They give you free hosting and great web building tools.
Some of them actually give you good service too.

What most of them do not tell you upfront is that it is better to purchase your own domain rather than let someone else be in control of your website.

This is not really a big deal because some of these places actually have very good prices for their domains.

                         What they are missing

 How to:

• Start a website
• How to optimize your site
• Learning how to blog
• Learn how to market your business
• An online community that is awesome and supportive
• Volumes of information on every aspect of marketing

Many people who want to start an online business start by searching for a good product to sell. There are many out there, however most of these cost money.

It is very difficult to find a legitimate business opportunity that you can start without paying some type of fee,  Don’t get me wrong having a little money can go a long way. Where do you go when you’re working on a shoestring budget?

I would recommend getting started with all of the basic building blocks in place because they are available for free.  Later you can start adding a budget of $20 to $50 a month.
You can start your business with absolutely no money.  It just takes a little tenacity and belief in yourself.
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Personal development plan- whats holding you back?

I want to let anyone interested in getting a free business or personal website that they can get guidance on how to get their site set up and running.

• Awesome free hosting and inexpensive domains when you
are ready to develop.
• Expert information on how to start an online

This is especially useful if you have a niche or want to get into the marketing of an online store like Amazon, where you can start a business selling just about anything you can imagine.

You get walked through all of the various ways you can market different services or products

Start with a free account and two free websites

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Wealthy Affiliate review:A Musicians Perspective

This is a domain that you do not own but you use it as if it were your own and still make money.  What a great way to practice making a site.  When you finally get it right and understand how you’re going to make money then you can transfer it over to a domain that you own.
All of this can also apply to local marketing of your business as well.

Things you can expect from a good website:

͎✮  Professional design and functions
✮  Speed
✮  Ease of use and navigation
✮  Use of word press in order to have complete control
over all of the elements of your website without being
a computer whiz
✮  Lots of awesome content

                          Here are some benefits to using Word Press.

✮ Very easy to install and setup-Just click the button at
Wealthy Affiliates
✮ Hundreds of templates to choose from
✮ Install over 10,000 “add-on” features and website
✮ Lots of support and help within the community
✮ Excellent customer support

Things you should expect from an online business.

✮   High quality instruction-where the student is the high priority
✮   Easily accessible material
✮   A way to start making money that benefits everyone
✮   A community of thousands to support you every step of
the way

If I wanted to start a business and I didn’t know what kind of business I wanted to to start.
I would start at wealthy affiliates.and get high quality hosting.
I would also use it for a business that wanted to make an online presence
You have found a place that has both

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Wealthy Affiliate Review A Musicians Perspective

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