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Why wont musicians work together? — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, Tom

    First off, let me say I support what you’re attempting here. As a musician, I definitely understand how hard it is to get the exposure you want and need to be successful other than inside your own bedroom. I will definitely be looking more into this program and reading up on more of your blogs. I also love finding ways to train yourself in being creative. I remember writing a philosophical essay about this back in college. Cool stuff 🙂

    I wanted to point out one major reason why it is hard for musicians to work together, especially when you’re trying to use a large network of musicians, such as the internet. Many artists share related interests within music, but just as many have differences and frictions. That’s why it is very difficult for musicians to work together. Especially if they are used to being solo. They may not want the help, or feel they should be the prime contributor when it comes to collaborating with other musicians. That’s why it’s hard to make it as a band, and it’s even HARDER to maintain success once you have achieved. Here today, gone tomorrow. Happens all the time in music. Even when musicians try hard to collaborate together, and both want it to work out well, it still takes a lot of work to mold that chemistry into something special.

    I know it’s a long comment, but I just wanted to put my two cents in! Take care and check out my website if you want!

    • Thanks Neil I appreciate your thoughts. I love seeing people come together, and I especially like it when people get out of their own way and start succeeding.
      I’m hoping to bring people of like mind together

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