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This topic could be one of the very most important things you can do before setting up an on-line business!


I know from personal experience that a negative frame of mind can be your worst enemy.  One of the things that I have learned is that you have to pay attention and realize what you are actually thinking. Like the first thing in the morning when you wake up and your mind starts rolling.  This is the time to notice what you are thinking.  What are your thoughts saying?

With me, I can tell you that my monkey mind kicks in (that’s what I like to call it because it chatters on and on) and starts telling me everything that is wrong and why it wont work.  Then I start agreeing with a negative story I told myself about myself that is not true. The problem with holding a negative thought is your subconscious mind then takes it seriously and processes it as a command.  This is the worst trap you can fall into because….

I want to tell you what is true for me!

Whatever you dwell on with your thoughts become true. What you think about you bring about.

Let me put this a different way:

Your mind is powerful and whatever you focus your attention on becomes real.

These days I call that Amazing, but there was a time when it didn’t seem so amazing.  Like when I told myself that I couldn’t make it, or it’s to hard, or any number of other negative beliefs. That is the problem they are just beliefs and what is Amazing is that they always came true because I believed it. So what I want you to do is just to start noticing your negative thoughts and ask,

“Is this true for a powerful creator like me?”

Because remember your thoughts have power. Do not ignore this concept, there are a lot of people that would have you pay them money to tell you this little secret.

Here it is in a nutshell:

•   All thought is creative

•   What you think about a lot becomes real

What are you going to do?

Roll out of bed and say I can not do it and become the big VICTIM?

Or are you going to CHOOSE to think more positive?  I can guarantee you will encounter more pleasant experiences throughout the day!

I know I make it sound easy and I know how hard it is to keep track of every thought that you think. They become our red flags and let us monitor our actions before simply reacting to any given situation.  You just have to stay aware and ask your self why you do not want to know the truth about yourself .  Most of all you need to forgive yourself and try to do your best.

I think it is a real good practice to give yourself a positive affirmation that counters the first negative thought that comes into your head.  You can post these uplifting words where they wll be the first thing you see each morning and what you see each night before going to sleep.

For example:

If you wake up dreading something that you have to face that day and you start telling yourself it is “too hard” or it “can not be done” .  You can turn it around and CHOOSE to tell yourself that solutions are coming easily today and will be easy.

You can readily remind yourself with positive re-enforcement throughout your day.  By using post-its, uplifting music, books/tapes on creating your own reality or joining a forum, there is no longer room for negativity. Sometimes you might have feelings that come up with these negative thoughts.  Just know if you feel bad because you think you are no good then it is your monkey mind messing with you.

A feeling that is tied to a negative thought is not based on the truth. On the subject of forgiveness: I really want you to take it very seriously, because if you go around thinking you are no good due to your past behaviors, then you will keep focusing on those thoughts and bring that reality to yourself.

I would not call myself a religious man but I think I am very spiritual.  I go to church to keep my self inspired and motivated.  I would recommend an activity that does the same for you and helps to keep you focused. Start noticing those around you to see how their monkey minds keeps badgering them. I would not point it out though, unless you are safe with the person. Here are a few “red flags” to notice and some solutions

• Pay attention to your thoughts

• Feel your feelings and let them go

• Notice any judgments about yourself

• CHOOSE to tell yourself something different

• Follow through on staying aware of your thoughts during the day

• Forgive yourself for not doing it right

• Give yourself affirming activities. i.e. nurture yourself

• Cut yourself and others…some slack

If you would just do yourself a favor and do this everyday you will start to see everything in your life change for the better. There are many free resources out there to help you.  I have listed a few for you here.

Please Remember You are more than you believe yourself to be!

Thank you


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P.S. Be the change that you want to see in the world Gandhi The Dove

here is a place that has free motivational music


Personal Development Plan,What’s holding you back — 11 Comments

    • I appreciate your comment.
      To me the Monkey mind is my negative thinking that makes me grumpy.this is exactly what I am talking about.
      Do you think you might be engaging with your own monkey mind?
      Stay Positive my friend,and CHOOSE to be positive

      “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
      –Howard Thurman

      Thank you, Please feel free to leave more comments,this is probably the most important subject we can talk about for internet marketing

      Tom Radcliff

  1. Hey Tom, I am able to engage with my monkey mind only after I have got some coffee into my system! You’re right, thinking positive is the key to everything. Thank you for sharing the wonderful quote.

  2. Hi Tom, an absolutely awesome page and I am a very big fan of and a true believer in Personal Development.

    There are many motivational speakers, books, audios and even videos to learn from in order to become a much more better and confident person in life and business.

    Personal Development plays a very important part when it comes to success in life.


  3. Hi Tom I’ve been engaged in personal development for many years,and know first hand what great results can be achieved. An old saying “if you believe you can, you will. If you believe you can’t, you wont” holds true for me.
    I really like this site and how you combine music and life balance with making money. Keep it up.

  4. Hi Tom,
    It is a very inspiring article.

    I learn something from this, that I can make use it and try to settle myself of the unforgiving meaningless regretting about my bad past. That is true a man is a composition of his thoughts. The negative thoughts lead one to unsuccessful life style where the positive thoughts can lead the same person to a positive identity leading the person to success.”CHOOSE to tell yourself something different”
    Really awesome!

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