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I have tried this program and am no longer affiliated with  them.  Here is their link if you want to check it out yourself.  I hope you will read this full article first!


Owner: Russell Brunson


Price: $1 for the first month


  • You can learn some basic skills for a dollar that could be used for your own business :ie creating mail lists and funnel pages


  • Empower Network is promoted in the members area of DotComSecretsX (big red flag for me!)
  • You can’t move at your own pace because you have limited access to 7 days of material at a time.
  • Difficult to contact customer service
  • Russell Brunson’s products are the only items available for sale so you are doing this all for him.
Yes, I joined the first month for a dollar with the promise that I didn’t have to pay unless I made some money.  That part didn’t quite happen.  I found I was going to be billed for $97 a month after the first month whether I made any money or not.
Okay fine I thought, I will just learn as much as I can in the first month.  If I can either make some money or see that I will in the near future then maybe I would be willing to pay the $97.  So I diligently dug in only to find my first barrier.  I was only allowed 7 days of the material. I had to wait a week for the next module.  I was finished with that section on my first day it was then I realized that It was going to take longer than a month to get  all of the information they offered.
Now you have to understand I am the type of person that wants to dig in and learn things quickly.  Not to mention I felt a little desperate at that point in my life.  This was real frustrating to me because I wanted to move faster.  Besides I only had a month and wanted to learn as much as I could. This was when I started becoming leery of this program. This stopped me from progressing at a level that I needed.  I persisted anyway and learned how to make a WordPress blog.  That was good. Then I learned how to use email lists and some other basic tools that are real valuable.
The problem I was having was I wanted to learn how to have my own product and the only ones available were  the type that would make no one rich but Russell. I also found some of the techniques I learned were more aggressive than I was comfortable with.  In the end I cancelled before I had to pay the $99,  but not without difficulties.  In my opinion this is not a good deal.  It’s all setup to make DotComSecretsX money!  Not for you as an affiliate. The information you get here in the first month is readily available for free on the internet.
 One of my biggest  reasons  for NOT recommending DotComSecretsX  is because Russell endorses Empower Network, the only product not owned by Russell. I don’t trust Empower network for reasons that I have gone over in a previous review.

My Take on DotComSecretsX

Is DotComSecretsX a scam? I don’t think they are a scam.  I think there are much better ways to spend your time and $1.

DotComSecretsX is not a good investment of your time especially if you want to have your own product.  Don’t do it!  If you want to throw away a dollar for some basic tools to make someone else money go for it, but I don’t recommend it.

If you want a real Affiliate company that delivers on what they say they will give you and has a program that is really free…….read my review

 Click Here

I would really like to hear your experiences with DotComSecretsX.

Leave your comments or questions below.

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DotComSecretsX My Real Review — 4 Comments

  1. Hi there,

    I like your review – and the mention of Empower Network is a big red flag in my eyes. For people wanting to learn affiliate marketing, it simply doesn’t seem like anything but a time waster. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    Have a lovely day!


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