Number One Music is a scam | The Dynamic Universe Blog

It seems I am definitely not the only one who had issues with Number 1 Music .

Read this full article now!

It mirrors my experience I had almost exactly .

Unfortunately We are not the only ones .

I highly recommend you read this article before spending any money with these people

Source: Number One Music is a scam | The Dynamic Universe Blog

The value of a blog


The Money’s in the List Or Is It?

Email Marketing

Blogs may work better than a list.

Because When you post an article you will have certain keywords and phrases in the article that will get you clicks

A Blog post will stay on the internet as long as you own your blog–

so that means that the amount of people who clicked on your article this month will probably be about the same next month…

And that means traffic for life on just that one article 

Now lists are an awesome tool to use because they will build you long term customers but having a blog will definitely bring you in clicks if you have good SEO

I Use Wealthy affiliate to build my sites and I use Traffic Wave for my Autoresponder for different products.

This Email you are reading right now is  a traffic Wave Template

Email Marketing

what is a good business to start?

The Reasons I signed up for free at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Two free websites that I learned how to build with WordPress 

  • The Excellent free course on marketing

  • The Community support that I immediately got

  • Very low pressure for upsales

  • Owners that you can actually reach right away fo any issues 

  • Great Customer service

The Reasons why I upgraded my account

  • I was able to get much more extensive training on building my sites and promoting them

  • I got unlimited hosting ,which has been invaluable to me because I have many sites

  • I got access to a great  free keyword tool. That works!

  • The same invaluable community

  • Two different kind of courses to choose from

  1. the Affiliate course –so you can learn how to market the Wealthy Affiliate products

  2. The Online Entrepreneur certification to teach you how to sell any product or service you want , I have found both of the courses invaluable

Don’t spin your wheels trying to take short cuts.

Learn with proven methods that will bring you traffic and customers

This is truly an online university 

sign up here

 Wealthy Affiliate

To your Success 


Please leave a comment  below. I am really interested in your experiences with Wealthy Affiliate

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Do you want to play music or make money?

Do you want to play music or make money?

This seems to be the choice that has to be made by many artists and musicians.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Make money online to free up your time!

If your in a band like I am you know how challenging it can be to make a living and pursue a music career

Learn how to create your website here>>>Two free Websites<<<

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There are lots of options

One thing every band needs these days is a website and a way to get traffic there to buy your music

or at least listen to it

What if you could get up in the morning and work just an hour or maybe two and then have the rest of the day to practice or spend time with your family?

Wouldnt that be awesome!

Go here to connect with fans and other musicians ReverbNation

And there is so much more!

Stay tuned and you will hopefully get your band noticed and create residual incomes!

To your success

Tom Radcliff

Free Life Income


Excellent Online Marketing Tools


Two products that you should use together!

If you are new to internet Marketing it can be a little overwhelming trying to learn the tricks of the trade.

                              Some things you will need

  • Someone you can trust for direction

  • The best resources

  • Affordable pricing if not free 

My first pick for any one who is new to internet marketing or if you just need an excellent set of tools with many benefits is


You should use Wealthy Affiliate as a starting point because you can learn a whole lot for free and you can get two free websites to start with.

The community is very helpful, I have sometimes learned more valuable things from the the community than I did the lessons. The free lessons are invaluable Though!

When you are ready-

for a very reasonable price you can get all the extra tools you will need including

  • Unlimited hosting
  • WordPress themes
  • An excellent course for learning how to build any style of website you want
  • Accessible support and a huge community


My second pick is a excellent autoresponder.

You need to learn how to have a list so that you can collect emails.

This is very important because most people who come to a site for the first time will never buy any thing so you need a way to get them to come back .


                                    Traffic Wave

Email Marketing

This is an excellent autoresponder  You probably wont find a better one for the price,but there are free ones but there are many limitations with the others .

I also use one at


This is a very reasonable price but still a little limited but you also get access to an excellent safelist mailer and splash builder–Great Bargain!

So here you go ,

Two tools that should help you get started there are others that you will need as you go along.

but you find out what they are as you progress

Happy Sailing

Tom Radcliff

Are safelists worth it?

Email Marketing

 Get leads with safelists!

I have been experimenting with safelists and have decided that they are a good way to earn money with Affiliate programs,but they are best used for getting leads and not directly selling products.

Every one needs leads and getting leads is one of the most important parts of having a successful online business,fortunately there are many free safelist that you can use without having any money to start and some of them offer very low priced options that can work quite well depending on your budget.

There are so many out there that it is difficult to understand which ones work the best.

Click here >>>>>> Top Ten Safelists  <<<<<<

Try Our New TE Training to get a better understanding about how to use safelists and traffic exchanges

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Artists and musicians will benefit from these ways of making money because you can do this in your spare time.

remember the goal is to create ways of making money that allow you the time to pursue your carreer as an artist

Thank you

Tom Radcliff


here is where to start if you want to learn about having your own website